Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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Smoke over Aramco oil processing facility after the Iranian attack
Opinion || Iran Attack on Saudi Arabia Shows Why Israel Must Shut Down Its Nuclear Reactor
Uzi Even | 06.10.2019
Cast members rehearse an English-language Broadway Theatre revival of Fiddler on the Roof in 2015
Opinion || Israel's Latest Fearsome National Security Threat: Yiddish
Rokhl Kafrissen | 06.10.2019
Bosnian Muslim refugees from Srebrenica, fleeing the eastern Bosnian village of Potocari to Bosnian Muslim-held Kladanj near Olovo. July 13, 1995
Opinion || Why Are Israel's Top Holocaust Scholars So Willing to Deny This Genocide?
Daniella Peled | 03.10.2019
Opinion || Pakistan's Islamists Threaten to Topple 'Jewish Agent' Imran Khan - for Meeting George Soros
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid | 07.10.2019
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compliments U.S. President Donald Trump on having been the first sitting U.S. president to leave a prayer at the Western Wall, during remarks at the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial in Jerusalem May 23, 2017.
Opinion || Forgive Us, American Jews, for We Have Sinned Against You
Chemi Shalev | 09.10.2019
Israelis take part in a protest against climate change during an event in Tel Aviv, Israel September 27, 2019.
Opinion || Global Climate Change Crisis: Best Thing to Ever Happen to Israeli Hasbara
Anshel Pfeffer | 04.10.2019
Netanyahu attends the swearing-in ceremony of the 22nd Knesset, in Jerusalem October 3, 2019.
Opinion || Israel Is Terrified of Netanyahu's Magic Wearing Off
Tzvia Greenfield | 07.10.2019
A Netanyahu 'emergency appeal' on Facebook on election day, Sept 17 2019: 'Long queues at Arab polling stations…You must go vote Likud to stop a last-minute leftist-Arab government'
Opinion || The Terrible Danger Stalking Israel – and Why Israelis Can't Fight It
Edan Ring | 02.10.2019
Khader al-Saaidy has barely left his home since he was blinded by Israel's Navy.
Opinion || Israel Condemned This Gazan Fisherman to Life in Eternal Darkness
Gideon Levy | 05.10.2019
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Clinical Trials at Hartford HealthCare
AP Images
Can't God read the sign?
Two members of a Connecticut religious group who were arrested Thursday on trespassing charges said God told them to do it.
For decades, Lee Ecker, 77, and Theresa Bellavance, 47, members God’s House, have been camping out on public property, police said. Recently, they were arrested after apparently ignoring a notice to vacate town property off Allen Street in the Moosup section of Plainfield.
Handcuffed and dressed in white from head to toe, they were arraigned in Danielson Superior Court on Thursday. 
“The only thing J.C. and Theresa are guilty of is hearing the voice of God and obeying him,” Ecker said, the Norwich Bulletin reports.
When asked if she would comply with the order if released, Bellavance told the judge, “May God’s will be done,” the Norwich Bulletin reports.
He took the answer as a yes and agreed to release them as long as they promised to appear.
Ecker, who is known as J.C. Foster, and Bellavance, who is known as Sister Rachel, have repeatedly been evicted from locations in Northeast Connecticut over the past 20 years and claim it’s all part of their mission to spread God’s word.
Back in 2003, Ecker and Bellavance were evicted from a Plainfield house that was covered with posters that bore scripture verses and a sign that asks people to ask town officials about why God's wrath is coming to town.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Fwd: JamBios News: What Caused an "Orgy of Hat Smashing" in 1922?


What's New

  • In the JamBios Fun House Build your JamBio while playing the the role of Secret Agent in this fun, new game. You'll become an agent for the Bureau of Inspiring Old Stories (BIOS). Receive coded messages and complete memory missions to save Monty from the evil Yorick. Free to play for registered JamBios users only. Space is limited. Registration opens soon. Detective hat and shoe phone optional.
  • Badges and Bucks Writing 'The Story of You' in your JamBio is rewarding in a hundred different ways. And now it's rewarding in 101 ways. The more you write, the more badges you earn. Become a Word Smith for 2000 words or a Word Whisperer for 5000. Each badge comes with 1 Monty Buck, which you can use toward printing your JamBio and other premium features.

Bulletin board image

Well, Look at That

The Year:1922. The Fear: A mob of teens. The Crime: A Straw Hat after Labor Day? In the early 1900s, men were only to wear straw hats in the summer. Those donning one after September 15th were ridiculed and their hats often snatched away in fun. But in 1922 an all-out "hat smashing orgy" (according to newspapers of the day) took place. Gangs of teen boys took to the streets with "large sticks, some with nails protruding on the ends" to lift hats right off men's heads. Hats were stomped on, men were beaten, some even thrown in a ditch. The Punishment: A public spanking from their mums. Read more about the Straw Hat Riot here.
Read more . . .

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that candy corn was originally called chicken feed?
  • Because the mission was to be quick and quiet, Paul Revere never shouted, "The British are coming!" Maybe he whispered it?
  • In 1908, Katie Mulcahey was arrested for lighting a cigarette . . . while female. A New York City law banned women from smoking in public. She was caught when she flicked her match against the wall.
Monty silhouette

Writing Wisdom

In praise of the Comma. The little punctuation mark with the great big power.

Look at what can happen when we leave the comma out:

"Let's Eat Grandma."
"Let's Eat, Grandma."

"I like cooking my family and pets."
"I like cooking, my family, and pets."

"We're going to learn to cut and paste kids!"
"We're going to learn to cut and paste, kids!"

So be sure to always pay special respect to our good friend and clarifier—the Comma.

Social Media Spotlight   

Monty of the Month

When Monty asked for memories of 9/11, Emily T. shared an eerie story of a dream she had the night of 9/10. "I was on the outskirts of a city in a valley, could see the whole city which had one tall tower in the centre. Heard a sharp whistling. A plane came into view and collided w/ the tower, creating a dust cloud that covered the city."

Chapter: DANCE

This Chapter is a fun one for when you are feeling nostalgic about those old dance days. Tell the story of the time you got dance fever and danced all night, that slow dance with the sexy dreamboat or when you went splat more than you danced. Whichever favorite dance memory comes to mind, write it down!

Reminiscing With Others

Remember you can also invite family and friends to reminisce. After writing your memory story, just click on "Invite Contributors" on the bottom toolbar, and find out what your memory story jogs in the memories of family and friends. It's fun to hear their versions of the events.

Staff Pick

Linda M. shares the endearing memory of hearing these words, "Hi, I'm Michael, I'm looking for a wife, I'm not looking for someone to casually date, I'm looking for a serious relationship." You can read Linda's full memory story on The Shelf under the title, 'Your Love is Extravagant.'

Joy from Jammers

"I have wanted to do this ever since I got off meth, but I have alot of issues with a.d.d. and this will make it so much easier."—Sonya B.

"Thank you so very much for this safe and convenient place to keep my memories. We don't know how much time we have so our history wouldn't be told if not saved."—Gin F.

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